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This is the official site of Poseidon, a new comics character created by Matteo Losso (writer) and Antonio Conversano (artist).


Who is Poseidon?

He is the last representative of an old amphibian species, totally exterminated by pollution. Now he lives alone in the dark depth of the sea, training himself to stop the human rule on the planet.


Inside this site you can find everything about this dark superhero: original arts, free ecomics, scripts (for an english example, click here), comic-books and informations about the authors.


All pics and comics dedicated to our character are made by some of the most interesting artists coming from the italian underground comics industry.


All Poseidon's comics are available for free on this site and are pubblished inside italian fanzines and independents magazines.


If you like Poseidon and you want to know something more about him, write us!


We are also looking for international collaborations... If you have a website dedicated to on line comics, let's make a link exchange! If you are an artist, all pics and pin-ups about Poseidon will be a great present for us and we're going to pubblish the best ones on the website!


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