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Steve Rude

by Danilo Guarino


Nexus (c) Mike Baron / Steve RudeHow did you broke on the comicdome? What you have read when you was young and what's artist influenced you most?


I broke into comics in l981 with Nexus, whom I created with Mike Baron. When I was young I read mostly Marvel comics because I loved their artists, Jack Kirby and John Romita. Kirby remains my most pronounced influence.


How is a working day of Steve Rude?


My working day begins at around 10:00 am and continues into the evening around 10:00 pm. I take all the usual breaks everyone else does and also, try to slip in a few errands during the day, maybe going to the gym or something.


You have work both DC and Marvel. But there is some's dream project that you will done with the charcters of both?


All my projects at DC or Marvel are projects I always hand picked. So, in a sense, they're all my dream projects. I had an outstanding time on all of them.

Nexus is one charcter there is still in heart of your fan. There will see in future you and Mike Baron back on Nexus?

Nexus will remain dormant for the time being, so I can concentrate on my new series, The Moth. But, I believe I may end my career by finishing up Nexus with Mike, a long time from now. There's still much to be done with the series.

Speaking us of your new project The Moth.....

The Moth is the story of Jack Mahoney, who runs a circus. In our first issue, he has to raise some money for his dwarf brother, Tad, and runs down the leader of a biker gang who's wanted by the FBI to collect the reward. And that's only the first 5 pages.

The Moth (c) Steve RudeYou have work with a lot of writer . What's the best for you?

The best writer to me was Baron. He had a naturalness with his craft and what our characters ended up doing always surprised him and I. They felt as real as you and I.

We will see you at some italian convention?

I hope so! I've visited Italy once and had a great time. Loved the old churches and statues. I even memorized my ten most important word in Italian! I'll need to brush up more this time!

What's your favourite comics (if you read someone this day)?

Sad to say, I don't read too many of today's comics. They're too dark > and violent. Also, the art is way over the top in some books. Everything is drawn with muscles and veins everywhere. Yuck!

Upcoming work?

Upcoming work is the Moth, of which I can promise you a great, fun read! And maybe a new Steve Rude mini sketchbook for 2004. Also, I hope to finally release the Nexus animated promo this summer.


The staff of would like to thank Mr.Steve Rude

for the generous contribution of his time and energy!




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